Retrofits - Metal Doors and Frames Hero

Retrofits - Metal Doors and Frames

New Fronts - Make old lockers look new

Lockers Fronts (metal doors and frames) are the solution when it comes to replacing damaged lockers. These new doors and frames provide renewed structural integrity with a new modern appearance.

Why replace the whole locker when only the doors need replacing? Make your old lockers look new by replacing the doors and frames. We work with customers to offer retrofitting in consecutive phases, with little to no interruption to the operations, as we work with the facilities schedules.

Retrofit projects offer a cost effective alternative to complete locker replacements.

Our Retrofits include:

  • Removal of existing doors
  • Minor locker interior repairs
  • Fabrication of metal doors and frames to match the existing opening
  • Doors and frames painted in your chosen colour, from a wide range of colours
  • Installation of new doors and frames (fronts)
  • Installation of new number tags
  • Adjust and align all doors for ease of operation
  • Options: Locker Repairs; Locker Painting (interior); Plastic Floor Liners
Retrofits - Before

Retrofit Before


  • Retrofits provide greater value for your budgets
  • Retrofits can be done on your schedules
Retrofits - After

Retrofit After