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Metal Toilet Partitions

Classic, clean lines built to last

Metal toilet partitions provide high-tech quality at an economical value. Powder coated with an anti-graffiti finish is our standard on metal toilet partitions. Our standard toilet partitions include features that are considered upgrades for other manufacturers.

MD10’s standard features are: stainless steel continuous hinges, continuous door stops, full length aluminum extrusion, continuous full length channels, all thru bolted hardware, slide latches, emergency access, and anti-theft resistant fasteners.

Powder coated metal toilet partitions are popular within many settings including schools, offices, industries, and arenas as a result of being cost-effective and long lasting.

Metal Toilet Partitions - 1


  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Anti-graffiti finish
Metal Toilet Partitions - 2

Junior Size Compartments

  • Panels 54" on floor mounted style
  • Ideal for the elementary settings
Metal Toilet Partitions - 3

Green Alert

Environmentally safe - The Hybrid PolyesterEpoxy powder contains no harmful solvents or VOC's applied electrostatically and baked in an energy efficient oven to cure. Contains post consume and post industrial recycled steel and may contribute to LEED Certification