Retrofits - Plastic Laminate Doors

Retrofits - Plastic Laminate Doors

Make old lockers look new

Using plastic laminate doors provides an alternative to the metal doors and frames for your retrofit projects. The laminate doors offer a choice to the standard replacement, with an appealing aesthetic look.

Our plastic laminate line of replacement doors meets the ULC ratings as required for school hallway installations.

The doors are constructed of a special fire-retardant laminate and fire-retardant particleboard core, as such they comply with the CAN/ULC-S102 standard. Each door is provided with a ULC label.

* Approved plastic laminate retrofit lockers for school boards.*

Retrofit projects offer a cost effective alternative to complete locker replacements.

Plastic Laminate Doors

Proud Mounted plastic laminate replacement doors

Features of the Plastic Laminate Door include:

  • Custom sizes to suit your locker requirements
  • Vast array of colour and finish selection
  • Laminate doors are proud mounted onto existing frame covering existing locker opening
  • Our hinges are powder coated black as a standard finish
  • Laminate doors will not rust or dent
Features of the Plastic Laminate Door


  • Retrofits provide greater value for your budgets
  • Retrofits can be done on your schedules