MD10 provides high quality powder coating finishes that are durable and affordable.

Wet electrostatic painting is available for onsite projects.

Our experienced team can powder coat an array of metal items – in a vast variety of colours and finishes.


Power Coating

MD10 utilizes powder coating technology to apply a hard, run free finish on our products.

Our preparation and finishing process allows us to offer a range of finishes including our standard anti-graffiti finish in addition to: textured finishes, antimicrobial finish and custom colours.

Our anti-graffiti powder coating is standard on our lockers and toilet partitions, providing a high quality finish with long lasting performance.

Anitmicrobial Finish- ideal for lockers in the health care and industries.

Powder Coating Ideal Finish For:
Office Equipment • Outdoor Furniture • Outdoor Fixtures (mail boxes, bus shelters, railings, bike racks) • Store Fixtures • Building Entrance Doors

Wet Electrostatic Painting
For your onsite painting needs, we offer wet electrostatic painting as an alternative. Ideal for rejuvenating lockers within your facilities. We work to complete projects when it is least interruptive to your operations.