Locker Painting

Locker Repairs & Painting

Locker repairs and painting will rejuvenate the functionality and appearance of the lockers when they are showing signs of wear and tear.

Locker Repairs are performed to ensure lockers are safe and functioning. MD10 provides onsite and offsite painting to provide a clean, refreshed appearance to the lockers.


Locker Repairs

MD10 offers a complete repair service that includes:

  • Repairs and/or replacement of inoperable components
  • Replacement of missing or damaged hardware including coat hooks, pockets, number tags, shelves and/or floors
  • Overall locker adjustments and door alignment

Locker Painting

MD10 painting provides a revitalized look to an otherwise worn locker. Working within your schedule and budget, lockers are cleaned and prepped for painting process. Paint is electrostatically applied to existing lockers. Options for locker painting include: painting lockers exterior and leading edge; interior and exterior; or interior only when new fronts are installed.

Do you like the original locker style doors, but need them painted? No problem… We can remove your locker doors, make minor repairs and chemically strip the years of paint off of the locker doors. We then apply a new powder coated finish on the doors in your choice of colour. The doors are reinstalled with a brightened appearance.

MD10 carries locker repair parts from most major manufacturers (current and discontinued) including:

  • Anthony Steel
  • Buddsteel
  • GSS
  • Jackson
  • Lincora
  • Lyon
  • Shanahan's
  • Westeel

If the component is unavailable MD10 will custom fabricate your replacement components.