Metal Cubbies

Metal Cubbies

Open storage solutions for younger children

Metal cubbies are ideal for the preschool and kindergarten environments. They offer open storage compartments which are easily accessible to the children.

Manufactured as individual units, with a standard height of 48". Each cubbie contains an upper shelf, middle compartment, a lower shelf, and can be secured to the floor or wall, as required.

Our cubbies come in 25+ colours and are available with various configurations of shelves, coat hooks and dividers.

Metal Cubbies
Metal Cubbies 2


  • Individual Tops, 16 gauge
  • Shelves 20 gauge, Side Panels, 20 gauge
  • Full height divider panels 20 gauge
  • Base 16 gauge
  • Compartments available as 12" wide, or as required
  • Depth available: 12" or 15"
  • Coat hooks, 2 per compartment
  • Custom numbering
  • Benches are available as hardwood or metal
  • Assembled as individual cubbie lockers
  • Phenolic or hardward available for finished top
  • Limited Warranty against manufacturers defects
  • Variety of powder coated colours available with anti-graffiti finish